Forest Springs Merinos

Real Dual Purpose

Medium Wool


  • Mature ewes lambing 105%

  • Ewe lambs joined at 9 months of age 65% lms marked

  • Wether lambs averaging 23.5 kgs dressed @ 10 months old

  • Average wool cut across all mature ewes 7.5kgs

  • Average micron 19.5 6 month wool cut off yearling rams averaged 6.3kgs

About us

"We are producing a robust, good doing sheep that has the ability to grow a heavy cutting, bold crimping, richly nourished wools while maintaining an excellent carcase and highly fertile sheep, able to thrive in any environment and any seasonal conditions."

Brucellosis Accredited & Approved OJD Vaccinates

Forest Springs Merinos

We are excited for great things to come with the arrival of our new sire 850 (pic above) from Mumblebone Merino Stud all the way from Wellington NSW. 850 is one of their proven “wool” sires with a very advanced wool, great structure & carcass attributes. He is a standout performer in the Balmoral Sire Evaluation having the highest number of “tops” and the fewest number of “culls”. He also leads the trial for WWT, PWT, FDCV, feet and legs as well as having the lowest body wrinkle. Having a bare breech, this sire is an excellent way for flocks to breed away from the need to mules.

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2021 Diary Dates

September 6th

Classings Classic Ram Sale selling 5 rams

September 10th

Pre Sale Inspection Day 10am - 5pm

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Forest Springs Merino Stud

8th Annual On-Property Sale

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

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